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Crypto & Real Estate: Modern Day Bartering

Crypto & Real Estate: Modern Day Bartering

Cryptocurrency has always been a spark of interest for money risk seekers. Crypto is only getting bigger by the day and the bold players have made hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.

As these crypto fanatics continue to make money, it only brings up the question as to how much one can possibly keep in this intangible digital money to feel safe that it is making an ROI?

At the end of the day, digital money is a ghost: you can’t see it, you can’t touch it, but you know it is there.

This then turns the table to investments that are real, something you can see and touch. What is more real than real estate?

Many of the large cryptocurrency players have been looking to move their profits into a stable, liquid, and tangible asset classes. Real estate is safe, and most importantly real. Big players in the crypto world are looking to put their money in such long-term investments.

The real estate market is seeing a vast number of sellers and buyers offering and accepting crypto as the form of currency in transactions. It is growing by the day.

Crypto for real estate and real estate for crypto is just a modern day form of barter. Both have value in their own ways, expect one is risky while the other secure.

The real estate market is hot right now, that is a given. But, how hot is crypto for property sellers to be motivated enough to accept it as a form of payment? Is crypto on the rise and property owners want in on the coin or is crypto changing and coin owners want out and in on property?

Even if property sellers do not want to keep the crypto there is a way to convert the coin into cash right at the beginning of the transaction through BitPay. BitPay is a coin to cash conversion model where buyers only have 15 minutes to lock the conversion rate to the seller. From this point on, the property transaction occurs just as it would normally occur because there is real money.

Sellers, do you keep the coin or do you convert it to cash?

Finally, there are many people at the end of the transaction that have to be compensated. Brokers, would you accept crypto commission?

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