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Selling an individual property traditionally takes a month or so to close. However, by converting ownership of the property from an individual to an LLC, a property's documents can all be stored on the blockchain as an NFT. Instead of buying the property; you're buying the business that owns the property.

Once the NFT Real Estate market matures, the liquidity of individual real estate transactions will increase, primarily because of the simplified selling process. Instead of waiting 30+ days to close a deal, transactions can occur once the Buyer and Seller are in Agreement about terms and property quality. Transactions can take as little as a half hour.

While fractionalizing investments is traditionally more cumbersome, tokenization makes it easier to split an investment across multiple members in a very transparent manner. NFTs and tokens were designed for efficiency and transparency, making the process of fractionalization that much easier for investors, thus lowering the investing bar for non-traditional people. It's a fundamental cornerstone to decentralized financing.

While fractionalization opens the door to owning real estate to lower income or non-traditional investors, NFT capital raises offer unique opportunities to create opportunities for exclusive experiences, access and socialization for high-value individuals. NFT membership programs can capitalize new ventures while also providing exclusive benefits to the very people who funded it through membership purchases.


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